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Kindergarten is a big year!  Kids are officially in school and so excited to feel big!  Dr. Maria Montessori believed, "The greatest gift we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence".  We integrate the kindergarten year in with the lower elementary to allow the benefits of the multi-age classroom and a strong foundation in the Montessori learning experience.


Lower Elementary

Our Lower Elementary program builds on the Montessori belief in child-led education with a focus on Math, Reading, and Science.  The mixed-aged classrooms offer opportunities for older children to grow their leadership skills and for younger children to learn from those around them.  Together, the children work to complete tasks, problem solve, and explore.  Through this mix of independent and group structures, children are able to progress at their own pace while also collaborating with their peers-building self confidence and the feeling of belonging within the community.


Upper Elementary

The upper elementary program continues the foundation of Montessori skills and challenges students to dig deeper with hands-on lessons - further expanding skill sets and exploring new concepts.  The ages of 9-12 is a period in a child's life when, academically, they are more time-efficient and, socially, they are desiring self expression within their peer groups.  This time period allows children to work through concepts such as conflicting opinions, different hypotheses, and more responsibility.

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