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About Us

A community of homeschoolers that cultivates a passion for curiosity and learning, acts as stewards within our community, and encourages independent and creative thought. 

As Dr. Maria Montessori beautifully said,  "Within the child lies the fate of the future." 


Our Philosophy

We believe that education goes far beyond grades on a paper. Education happens within many different settings and opportunities-the key is to look to each moment as a chance to grow. Much importance lies within the Montessori belief that education should be child-led, allowing each child to set the pace and for personal interests and strengths to shine through. Our days are spent hands-on and immersed in activities that are challenging and thought-provoking within mixed aged classrooms to allow for natural leadership skills to also develop.


Our Mission

Our mission is to offer homeschooling families a collaborative environment that allows the child to lead the way while honing important skills in self-confidence, independence, and leadership.

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